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Photo: Camilo Jimenez

The beauty standards of Western societies mostly favour bodies that are slim or fit, making room for shame and a feeling of inadequacy in the minds of those with larger bodies. To gain a body which is close to the standard, The Diet Movement – a voluptuous multi-billion dollar industry pushing shakes, pills, and Herbalife – is readily available to help out. The United States spends twice the amount of money necessary to feed the rest of the world’s starving bodies on diets, according to historian Yuval Noah Harari. Obesity is a victory to consumerism.

On the other side of the scale is the Body Positivism Movement, which serves to help the owners of larger bodies – all bodies, in fact – feel good. This is a much needed counterbalance, in my opinion. However, for many individuals, simply repeating positive affirmations about their bodies fails. Such an approach may even be counterproductive. Positive affirmations may be perceived as lies and add another layer of negativity and feelings related to having failed at being positive.

But body neutrality could be the key!

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Written by Justin
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